How to Write a Press Release: A Complete Guide -2020

Too many companies create products or take part in something newsworthy but don’t get the media coverage they deserve. It’s difficult to get your brand out there in the digital age.

Even working diligently on a solid SEO platform[1] won’t always help you get the coverage you want. If you’re looking for brand awareness or coverage on a new product or service, creating and distributing a well-written media release is the way to go.

Media releases are simply press releases for the media. Media outlets get releases all of the time, and it’s their job to determine which of them they want to use in their content.

We’re going to give you some tips to make your release the one that gets chosen.

Writing a Successful Media Release

We’ll cover some of the ins and outs of press releases and, hopefully, give you a better understanding of why yours aren’t being used in media.

It can be tough because the competition is extremely tight[2]. Most top journalists receive dozens and dozens of pitches a day, while only having the time to write one or two. It’s important to keep your audience (the journalist) in mind when you’re writing a media press release.

Before we start talking about writing at all, though, we should discuss your goals.

Having Clear Goals and Expectations

There are several reasons to put out a press release, and each one has a slightly different goal associated with it. When something significant happens to your business, it might seem intuitive to just put out a press release about it.

It’s important to think past your intuition a little bit in this case.

Reasons You Might Put Out a Press Release

A press release is usually the go-to move when something big happens. You’re making changes or experiencing some success, so you want the public to know about it. Why wouldn’t you?

One huge subject of the press release distribution is a new product or service that your company is introducing. It’s important to make these things known to supplement any advertising or marketing pushes that you might be putting out.

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